Panoramic views in Ushuaia

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Panoramic views in Ushuaia

Stunning panoramic views of Ushuaia that you should discover

Today we bring you an exciting guide to discover the most dazzling panoramic views that Ushuaia has to offer. In this magical corner of the world, surrounded by a majestic mountain range, forests, rivers and glaciers, panoramas that will take your breath away await you. So prepare your exploring spirit and your camera, because we are going to explore these incredible viewpoints together.

1. Martial Hill:

Imagine being at the top of Cerro Martial, with the wind caressing your face and a view that extends as far as your eyes can see. From here, you can enjoy a privileged view of Ushuaia, its bay and the imposing mountain range that surrounds it. If you feel like an adventure lover, you can continue your journey to the Martial Glacier, experiencing the emotion of being closer to heaven.

The interesting thing about this panoramic point is that it is completely signposted, so you can explore it individually, always taking into account the pertinent safety recommendations. If you are interested in knowing what to take into account, visit our note: Recommendations for hiking in Ushuaia .

On the other hand, to access this fantastic panoramic view you also have the possibility of hiring the trekking excursion to the Martial Glacier.. Choosing to hire an excursion is a safe way to delve into the southern nature since you will be accompanied by expert guides and the appropriate equipment such as snowshoes or crampons if necessary.

activities in the Martial Glacier

martial glacier trekking ushuaia

2. Ushuaia Bay

Not only is Ushuaia Bay a panoramic view in itself, but it also gives you a unique perspective of the city and its mountainous surroundings. Imagine standing on the coast, feeling the sea breeze and watching the mountains of the Andes Mountains reflect in the calm waters of the bay. Nowhere else can you experience the harmonious union between the sea and the mountains like here.

An excellent way to achieve a unique perspective of Ushuaia Bay is through sailing through the Beagle Channel . The different navigation proposals bring you a unique look at the city of Ushuaia and its surroundings. In addition to contemplating numerous islands that are close to the city in the Beagle Channel, as well as the marine fauna that lives there, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled views that you will surely want to immortalize with your camera or cell phone.

Beagle Channel Lighthouse

3. Mount Susanna

Climbing Mount Susana, you will immerse yourself in a natural setting that seems straight out of a fairy tale. As you ascend, the changing colors of vegetation and towering mountain peaks will surround you, giving you a view you could only imagine. Reaching the top will reward you with a panoramic view that highlights the pristine beauty of Ushuaia.

From this panoramic point you can see unique views of the Beagle Channel, the Hoste and Navarino Islands (Chile), the Andes Mountains and the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

The path that brings you closer to Mount Susana is of low complexity and is completely marked. It begins near the Los Cauquenes Hotel and continues up the street. Approximately 1km along said street and heading to the right, the trail begins and you enter the forest area. Another option to access the viewpoint is through the excursion Trekking to Mount Susana. This alternative, as we mentioned previously with Cerro Martial, is safer for those who do not have experience in hiking as they are accompanied by specialized guides.

However you decide to take this tour to the panoramic point of Mount Susana, we assure you that the reward will be worth it. You will find an unparalleled view that will remain eternally stored in your retina.

4. Wallner Viewpoint

The Wallner Viewpoint is like a balcony towards the majesty of the city of Ushuaia. From here, you can admire the landscape of the city in contrast to the bay and the blue of the sky in all its glory. The mountains in the distance, the sky, the city and the coast intertwine in a visual spectacle that will remind you of the greatness of the Earth. This is the perfect place to take some time and simply take in the beauty around you.

The route is very accessible and does not exceed 5 km between the round trip and the return trip. Starts in the parking lot Hotel Las Hayas and it is completely marked. The most interesting thing is that during the trail, you will have the possibility of obtaining an unparalleled view of the city and the Beagle Channel, but it also has another viewpoint towards the Martial Glacier. The path is marked with blue markings for the outward route and red for the return route. It is impossible to get lost!

5. Mission Baja Viewpoint

If you are looking for a quiet corner within the city of Ushuaia, with an unparalleled view, the Mirador Misión Baja is your destination. This is a point where time seems to stop while you contemplate the mountains that unfold before your eyes. The feeling of peace and serenity you will experience here is incomparable, and will remind you of the importance of unplugging and admiring the natural wonders.

At the foot of Bahía Encerrada, this viewpoint allows you to have an unparalleled view of the Bay, the city of Ushuaia and the surrounding mountain range. It is an excellent destination to visit walking from the city or on a bike ride.


6. Arakur Viewpoint

Close your eyes and imagine a viewpoint that seems straight out of a postcard. Opening your eyes, you will find yourself at the Arakur Viewpoint, with panoramic views that capture the very essence of Ushuaia. The mountains, the city and the horizon come together in an image that you will want to carry with you forever.

Its location allows you to contemplate the city of Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel in an incomparable way. It is also close to the Cerro Alarkén Natural Reserve, a must-see for those who love nature and outdoor activities.

As we can see, Ushuaia awaits you with its panoramic views that you will not want to miss. With heights and many low-difficulty accesses, every corner of the city offers a unique perspective to enjoy this unique Patagonian jewel. And don’t forget that behind every view, the majestic mountain range will always accompany you, reminding you of the greatness of nature.


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