La Renga in Ushuaia 2023

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La Renga in Ushuaia 2023

La Renga in Ushuaia 2023: an unforgettable recital

If you are a person who faithfully follows La Renga and are planning to attend his long-awaited recital in Ushuaia, you are in the right place! We bring you all the information you need to fully enjoy this unique experience at the end of the world with La Renga in Ushuaia 2023.

Buy your tickets

First of all, to ensure your place at this historic recital, you have several options to buy tickets for La Renga :

  • Purchase in person at a point of sale (cash only): If you prefer to pay in cash, you can purchase your tickets at authorized points of sale.
  • Web purchase with option to withdraw at an exchange point: Buy your tickets online and then withdraw them at an authorized exchange point.
  • Online purchase with the option to withdraw at the venue box office on the day of the show: If you want to avoid waiting, buy your tickets online and collect them directly at the stadium box office on the day of the recital.
  • Buy online with home delivery (option available only until October 10 due to shipping times): If you prefer to receive your tickets in the comfort of your home, this is the option for you.

Remember that to collect your tickets, you will need to be the holder of the card with which the purchase was made, the QR code that will be sent to you by email at the time of purchase, and your ID. Don’t forget any of these documents!

Ticket collection and delivery points

Tickets purchased online can be picked up at selected drop-off points or at the stadium box office on the day of the show. The delivery points are:

  • Infernal Art – CABA
  • The Sabbath – Don Torcuato
  • The Dagger – Rosario
  • La Rockeria – Comodoro Rivadavia
  • Krund – Ushuaia
  • Candy Store – Rio Grande

If you opted for home delivery, shipments will begin in August, and you will receive information by email to track it. As with the withdrawal, the holder of the card used for the purchase must receive the tickets at your home.

The recital venue

The La Renga recital will take place at the Hangar, the old Ushuaia airport. You can get to the place by car or walking, since it is very close to the city. This makes it even more convenient for you and your group. If you want to have a private vehicle, we suggest consulting about the different transportation options. car rental in Ushuaia to find out prices and availability.

Recommended accommodations in Ushuaia

When you plan to visit the beautiful city of Ushuaia to enjoy the La Renga recital and explore its natural and cultural charms, it is essential to find a comfortable and pleasant place to stay. Here we present the alternatives of lodging in Ushuaia available that include a variety of hotels, cabins, hostels, inns and in turn, here we share a list of recommended temporary rental apartments since due to its characteristics and flexibility, this type of accommodation can be the most convenient for groups and families. So you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

These accommodations offer a variety of options for all tastes and budgets, ensuring that your stay in Ushuaia is comfortable and pleasant. Feel free to explore the links provided for more details and to make your reservations. Enjoy your trip to Ushuaia and the La Renga recital to the fullest!

Exploring Ushuaia

But Ushuaia is not just music and recitals; It is also a natural paradise full of beauty and adventure. In addition to enjoying the recital, we recommend exploring these attractions to get to know the city even more:

  • Navigation through the Beagle Channel : Get to know the waters of the Beagle Channel firsthand and marvel at the fauna and unique landscapes of the region.
  • Tierra del Fuegó National Park : Discover nature in its purest state by exploring this national park, full of trails and impressive views.
  • Tour of the Fuegian lakes : The Fuegian lakes offer you a quiet and picturesque experience, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty.
  • End of the World Train : Immerse yourself in the history of Ushuaia with a trip on the End of the World Train, a unique experience that will transport you to the past.

To learn about other attractions available in the city and surrounding areas, we invite you to visit our exclusive excursions section in Ushuaia .

Motorcycle meeting in Ushuaia

But that is not all! In addition to the La Renga recital, Ushuaia will host the Motoencuentro On the same date. This is the southernmost motorcycle gathering in the world, where you can enjoy exciting exhibitions, meet other two-wheeled fans and explore the city on your motorcycle.

The beauty of Ushuaia

We cannot fail to mention the incredible panoramic views of nature in Ushuaia. From the snow-capped mountains to the glaciers and the sea, every corner of this city is a treat for your eyes. In addition, its varied gastronomic proposal offered by numerous restaurants in Ushuaia will allow you to taste local delicacies and international dishes that will leave their mark on your senses.

The history and culture of Ushuaia are fascinating. From the Maritime and Presidio Museum to its historic rooms and buildings, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditions of this region.

There is no doubt, the La Renga recital in Ushuaia 2023 is an opportunity that you cannot miss. Enjoy the recital, explore the natural and cultural wonders of the city and be part of the southernmost Motoencuentro in the world. Ushuaia awaits you with open arms and the best live music! Start to plan your trip to Ushuaia now with us!


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