Excursions not to be missed in Ushuaia

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Excursions not to be missed in Ushuaia

The best excursions in Ushuaia

Are you planning a visit to the so-called City at the End of the World?

If your plans include adventure and enjoying contact with nature, we show you the best excursions in Ushuaia.
excursions in Ushuaia
you can do in this place full of natural beauties.

And if you’re ready to tour this city surrounded by the

Beagle Channel

and the mountains of the Andes Mountains, here you will discover the must-see sites that will undoubtedly leave you with the best memories of all.

  • Navigate the famous Beagle Channel

The Beagle Channel is one of Ushuaia’s most popular tourist attractions.

Navigating through this channel

is a breathtaking experience that harkens back to the history and numerous legends of the high seas.

From the moment you start leaving the port of Ushuaia, you will be able to get a panoramic view of the beautiful city and it will be possible to see the Cinco Hermanos and Monte Olivia mountains. To navigate through the Beagle Channel there are several options and all of them include a ride to contemplate the Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse, better known as the “lighthouse at the End of the World”.

One option you may consider is to sail to Isla de los Pájaros and Isla de los Lobo.

navigation to the Isla de los Pájaros and Isla de los Lobo

s Island, named after its population of albatrosses and seagulls, and its colony of sea lions, respectively.

You can also make an excursion to

excursion to Martillo Island

to visit its penguin colony. And finish with a visit to the

Harberton Ranch

before returning to Ushuaia.

  • End of the World Train Tour

The End of the World Train is a symbol of the city of Ushuaia and is one of the excursion activities that can be done by the whole family when visiting this incredible city. This train was originally built by the inmates of the Ushuaia prison and today remains one of the most famous sites in this territory.

In the past, it was used to transport prisoners to Tierra del Fuego National Park to collect wood and construction material. And today it is a tourist treasure surrounded by amazing natural landscapes worth remembering and worth photographing.

Tierra del Fuego National Park is the ideal destination to connect with Ushuaia’s nature and appreciate the purest essence of the City at the End of the World. More than 40 km of lakes and trails full of flora and fauna await you on an excursion here.

If you want to hike, you can do so from the starting point at the park entrance and begin the tour by exploring trails such as the Pipo River Falls. And further on you will find the Hito XXIV trail that almost borders the Chilean border and the Cana Beagle coastal trail.

But if you want to go into the park with a professional guide, you have to hire an excursion service that usually includes a canoe service, picnic space and trekking rentals. There is also a bus service that runs through the park for those who do not want to walk the trails and prefer to enjoy a more relaxed ride.

And if you decide to venture to the End of the World Post Office in Lapataia Bay, you will have the possibility to send a postcard wherever you want or take photographic souvenirs at the sign on national route 3.

The land of Ushuaia has two incredible hidden lakes that are worth admiring if you go to this destination. One of the ways to get to know these impressive places is to contemplate their imposing beauty from the viewpoints that both lakes have, which are located before arriving to Ushuaia, right next to route 3.

Lake Fagnano is known for being the largest lake in Argentina. It shares its extension with Chile (where it is called “Kami”) and is surrounded by mountains with lush forests, where it will be possible to discover beaver forests typical of the area.

While Lake Escondido is located next to Lake Fagnano and is very popular for its calm waters that make it perfect for water sports. To reach these lakes it is best to cross the road with an all-terrain vehicle because it is an area surrounded by rivers, forests and paved roads.

The Esmeralda Lagoon is consolidated as one of the adventure excursion destinations that attracts more people in Ushuaia. This lagoon of magical green colors is located in the Tierra del Fuego Natural and Landscape Reserve.

Its landscape is a marvel to behold with its snow-capped mountains and the Albino glacier. The characteristics of the landscape that does not change much, whether it is snowy or not, its few slopes and its frozen lagoon in winter, are ideal for intermediate trekking.

To get to Laguna Esmeralda you can do it from the Ushuaia refuge in a four-hour round trip, passing through a forest inhabited by condors, foxes, beavers and other animal species.

  • Helicopter flight over the Andes

With a flight over the spectacular Ushuaia you can get a privileged view of landscapes such as Mount Olivia, the Tierra Mayor Valley, Mount Cinco Hermano, the Esmeralda Lagoon, the peat bogs of the Carvajal Valley and the well-known Ushuaia Bay.

The take-off area for this air tour is the old Ushuaia airport, and on this tour passengers will also be able to see the Ushuaia Maritime & Presidio Museum, next to the memorable Martial Glacier.

It is an unmissable experience to get to know the magnificent nature of the capricious Andes, while receiving friendly explanations about the landscape and the details of the magical places at the End of the World.


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