5 unmissable overflights in Ushuaia

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5 unmissable overflights in Ushuaia

The End of the World from the sky, overflights in Ushuaia that you cannot miss

Ushuaia is one of the most fascinating cities in Argentina. It is chosen by citizens from all over the world to enjoy their vacations surrounded by nature and fantastic landscapes. Known as the End of the World (or why not its beginning), Ushuaia is an impressive place, surrounded by the southernmost mountains of the Andes Mountains, glaciers, wonderful lakes, peat bogs, fjords and unique fauna. One of the most exciting ways to experience the natural beauty of Ushuaia is through a helicopter or small plane flight. For this reason, below we share a review of the five unmissable overflights in Ushuaia that offer a spectacular aerial view of this region.

Helicopter flight over Laguna Esmeralda:

Laguna Esmeralda is a uniquely colored water mirror located about 12 km north of Ushuaia, surrounded by impressive natural beauty. A flight over this place will allow you to see the Lagoon from a unique perspective, since it is located in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lenga forests.

But you will not only be able to contemplate the Emerald Lagoon from a privileged point of view. This flyover also crosses other fantastic settings from the sky such as Mount Oliva and the striking Mount Cinco Hermanos. At the same time, there is the possibility of seeing the Carbajal Valley and its interesting composition of peat formed over thousands of years.

Without a doubt, all the people who have experienced the Laguna Esmeralda Flyover agree that it is one of the most exciting experiences that can be experienced in Ushuaia. This is one of the tourists’ favorite overflights in Ushuaia.

Helicopter flight over the city of Ushuaia:

This flyover also known as Ushuaia City will allow you to see the city from a completely different perspective. You will be able to see the buildings, houses, streets and the most significant points of the city from a height of several meters, and have an impressive panoramic view of the Bay of Ushuaia.

In this unique experience, you can see not only the city of Ushuaia in its urban layout, but you will also get impressive views of the Beagle Channel, the Andes Mountains, specifically the mountain range that surrounds the city, the Martial Glacier and its fantastic surroundings. natural, in addition to Monte Oliva and Monte Cinco Hermanos that offer a natural spectacle for all passengers to see.

The helicopter overflight over Ushuaia provides an impressive view from the sky of the most significant points of this southern city.

Flyover and landing at the top of the Andes Mountains:

If you are looking for an exciting and unique experience, a flyover with a landing at the top of the Andes Mountains is the perfect option. From there, you will have a privileged panoramic view of the majestic snow-capped mountains of the Andes, where a champagne toast is made to celebrate a moment as exciting as the one you will be experiencing. In addition, you can walk along the top of the Cordillera and take impressive photographs.

This overflight, which has the unique characteristic of landing in such a magnificent setting, will also allow you to see during its journey the bay of Ushuaia, the entire Oliva River Valley where you will have the opportunity to admire Mount Oliva and the impressive Mount Cinco Hermanos, continuing through the Carbajal Valley where you can see the peat that composes it, which, as we mentioned previously, has been formed for thousands of years and is a unique natural ecosystem in the world. You will also make your way towards the Emerald Lagoon, standing out with its impressive color.

All these images will remain engraved in your memories as an unparalleled experience where the immensity of nature seems to manifest itself within reach.

Helicopter flight over the great lakes of Ushuaia:

The great lakes of Ushuaia are a place of impressive natural beauty, and a flight over them will allow you to see them from a completely different perspective. From the air, you will be able to see the crystalline beauty of Lakes Escondido and Fagnano, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and beech forests. In addition, you will be able to see the Corazón de la Isla Natural Reserve and the Andes Mountains area.

This flyover also crosses the Bay of Ushuaia, the Río Oliva Valley near Monte Oliva and Monte Cinco Hermanos, the Carbajal Valley and Laguna Esmeralda. It stands out from the other overflight experiences over Ushuaia since it approaches the aerial area of ​​the town of Tolhuin and covers its geographical area. This is how you can see other types of natural settings, as magnificent as the ones just mentioned.

Among the most outstanding landscapes is also Cerro Cornú, one of the highest in the area. At the same time, it crosses various lagoons such as Santa Laura, San Ricardo and Margarita. Upon returning from this experience, you skirt the coast of Ushuaia, contemplating the various islands of the Beagle Channel, including the Island of the States where the emblematic Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse is located.

The best landscapes of Tierra del Fuego can be seen in this fantastic flight over the great lakes, there is no doubt that it is an unparalleled adventure from the sky.

Light aircraft overflights over Ushuaia:

It is a fact that any small plane flight is an exciting and unforgettable experience. Of course, flying over Ushuaia in a small plane is experiencing a very different perspective from those we mentioned previously in this note.

The Ushuaia Aeroclub offers 30 and 60 minute flight experiences where you can see the natural beauty of Ushuaia from an unparalleled perspective, with impressive views of the mountains, glaciers and lakes.

Each of these experiences has a scheduled tour, where you can see the most relevant points of interest in the southernmost area of ​​the island of Tierra del Fuego. In addition, you will be able to experience the excitement of flying in a small plane and have an experience of a lifetime.

A notable feature of the small plane overflight is the warmth with which the pilots and the entire flying club team provide their attention to the passengers, instructing them from the first moment to achieve an unparalleled day during the journey.

A flight over Ushuaia is a great experience that will allow you to appreciate the natural beauty of this region from a privileged and completely different perspective. Whether you choose to fly by helicopter over the city of Ushuaia, the great lakes, the Laguna Esmeralda, the Andes Mountains or fly over the southernmost area of ​​the island by plane, you will have the opportunity to admire the majesty of nature and capture memories unforgettable moments of your trip to the end of the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a flyover in Ushuaia!


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