5 places in Ushuaia to visit by car

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5 places in Ushuaia to visit by car

Having your own mobility for any trip always provides a degree of independence and freedom of choice in terms of the itinerary.

In destinations where the points of interest are far away from the lodging, it is usually convenient to have a car to make the most of your stay and visit as much as possible.

Opt for the

car rental in Ushuaia

is an excellent decision. Especially because its major natural attractions are on the outskirts of the city and it is necessary to approach with some kind of mobility.

The public service does not reach certain unmissable destinations, such as the Tierra del Fuego National Park, Emerald Lagoon or the region of The LakesIn addition, during the high season there may be delays due to high demand, causing long waits and forcing tourists to waste the most precious resource on a trip: time.


renting a car in Ushuaia

not only allows you to have more freedom and shorten the waiting time, it is an advantage to visit destinations with unique landscapes, to know the history and the territory of Tierra del Fuego in a more complete way.

We tell you 5 must-see places to visit in Ushuaia if you rented a car:

  • Tierra del Fuego National Park

Taking National Route No. 3, 12 kilometers west of Ushuaia, you will find this National Park of approximately 70,000 hectares. Activities such as hiking, guided canoeing and fishing are available here. It has numerous trails of varying difficulty, all of them signposted and with the necessary recommendations to travel safely.

Tierra del Fuego National Park is the only one in Argentina located between the mountains and the sea, as it borders the Beagle Channel at one end. When you visit it, you can admire numerous species of southern animals such as the red fox and the Patagonian thrush. It also stands out for the varieties of trees that make up dense forests.

Natural scenery that captivates every visitor, who are amazed by the contrasts generated by this particular geography.

  • Cerro Castor

Located 26 kilometers from the city, on the slopes of Cerro Krund, it is easily accessible within the Tierra Mayor Valley.

Tierra Mayor Valley.

It can also be accessed through National Route No. 3.

Inaugurated in the winter of 1999, it is the epicenter of alpine skiing in Tierra del Fuego. Internationally recognized for the quality of its slopes and for having the longest season in the country with the best snow in South America.

In winter you can enjoy full days of skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. Also at the base of the hill there is an ice skating rink and the possibility of cross-country skiing.

It has numerous restaurants and cafes to enjoy a pleasant moment with breathtaking views and shelter from the cold with delicious options of typical cuisine. In summer, the restaurants at the base of the resort remain open, allowing you to enjoy the completely different scenery of the valley.

The center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., including holidays and weekends.

The road is also made by National Route N°3 and then you must take the complementary route “A” for 40 kilometers towards the coast. From Ushuaia it is approximately a 3 hour trip, which can be enjoyed while contemplating striking estancias framed by landscapes of mountains, forests, rivers and cliffs.

The trail ends at a car parking area that leads to the top of the cape, where there are viewpoints with 360° panoramic views, information sites and a bench area to enjoy a rest after the hike.

Among the sights offered by this destination, there is an old leaning lighthouse, and towards the front, the impressive remains of the hull of the ship “Desdémona”, which ran aground in Cabo San Pablo in 1985.


Undoubtedly the tour of the lakes is another must for those who come to visit Tierra del Fuego, for being outstanding natural attractions of the province.

Taking National Route No. 3, along about 60 kilometers north of Ushuaia, the itinerary of this tour begins. The first point of destination is the Garibaldi Pass, where you descend to the viewpoint that offers unmissable views of Lake Escondido and the mountain range that contains it.

After some photographs and selfies, we continue another 40 kilometers to the north, to reach Lake Fagnano, which has an extension of 100 kilometers, becoming the head of Tolhuin, the youngest town on the island and another point of great interest to visit on this route.

The landscapes where the sea and the mountains converge leave an indelible mark on all its viewers. Nature in its most genuine state, invites to contemplate with fascination, becoming a memorable tour at the End of the World.

It is important to bear in mind that during the winter season, the condition of the roads leading to the lakes should be checked due to the climatic factors that condition their trafficability.

Also through National Route No. 3, then taking Provincial Route J, the route is approximately 75 kilometers in total. The area of Puerto Almanza and Estancia Harberton stands out for its coastal landscapes filled with the history of the first European settlements on the island.

A day spent enjoying the diverse gastronomic proposals of the coastal town of Puerto Almanza is really worthwhile. The main economic activity of its inhabitants is linked to the fishing of seafood offered by the Beagle Channel, among which the artisanal crab fishing stands out, one of the most relevant attractions of the Fuegian territory.

Estancia Harberton was one of the first European settlements on the island. It is possible to purchase a tour to learn about the history of its first settlers.

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