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Miter Peninsula – 3 hour flight

Explore Tierra del Fuego from the skies: shipwrecks, mountains and history are revealed on an exciting air trip from Ushuaia. From the Bay of Ushuaia to the Duquesa de Albany and Mount Sarmiento, an unforgettable adventure that takes you from solitude to civilization in the Península Miter reserve. Book now!”

Important views from the flyover:

  • Points of interest:

    1. Ushuaia
    2. Esmerada Lagoon
    3. Great Lakes
    4. Tolhuin
    5. Duchess of Albany
    6. San Diego Lighthouse
    7. Spanish Port
    8. Sarmiento Ship


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    Información técnica de la excursión en Ushuaia

    Punto de salida

    Flight to Miter Peninsula

    Are you ready? You will fly through the most inhospitable corners of Tierra del Fuego to the skeleton of the ship Duquesa de Albany and the wreck of the ship Monte Sarmiento .

    The adventure begins when we take flight over the Bay of Ushuaia and enter the valley of the Olivia River . On the trip to the peninsula, we flew over the impressive Esmeralda lagoon and the different ski centers in the area, among which Cerro Castor stands out, the southernmost in the world, inserted in this unique setting. We will continue our tour going even further into the interior of Tierra del Fuego until we reach the head of Lago Escondido followed by Lake Fagnano , considered one of the 5 largest lakes in South America. Later we will be able to recognize Cerro Cornú , one of the highest mountains in the area that reaches 1490 meters above sea level, and we will continue our flight heading east towards the Atlantic Ocean . Along the way we will cross mighty fishing rivers and extensive fields.

    Moving parallel to the coastline, towards the eastern tip of the island, we skirt long cliffs and from the air we see livestock ranches, such as Irigoyen, where the last road that reaches the area ends. From here on there is nothing and no one, except free cattle and wild horses.

    Heading southeast, we approach the last foothills of the Andes Mountains that sink into the sea. There we saw the central objective of the journey: the Duchess of Albany. Thus, we landed in this icy place to appreciate its remains scattered in this fierce setting as if the 1893 shipwreck had occurred yesterday.

    Returning to Ushuaia , we descend into the desolate Slogget Bay , where in 1888 a Romanian adventurer discovered gold and installed “harvesters” that today are abandoned mechanical monsters. Once again, we took flight and over the Beagle Channel we saw the hulk of Monte Sarmiento , a shipwrecked in 1912. From this unique perspective, in which it seems that we are at the beginning of everything, signs of civilization slowly reappear, such as the Haberton Ranch and its lush forests.

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