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Lagos, Escondido and Fagnano in Summer

An experience full of unforgettable landscapes. Ideal tour to take the best photographs of the true natural essence of Tierra del Fuego. Marvel at the southern territory and its best settings. You will be able to visit the most relevant panoramic points of Ushuaia during the day of touring the lakes, culminating this incredible experience with the possibility of trying a typical Fuegian dish.




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Información técnica de la excursión en Ushuaia

Punto de salida
7 hours
Warm clothing, glasses and sun protection
Cafeteria and snack service

Tour of the Lakes of Ushuaia in Summer

The tour of the Ushuaia Lakes begins by leaving the city in the direction of National Route N°3. Initially heading towards the mountain peaks Monte Olivia and Cinco Hermanos.

From the beginning of the route along the Carbajal Valley you can see cirque glaciers, hanging valleys and peat bogs. We will make the first stop there at the Mirador del Valle Carbajal to appreciate the view and take photographs.

The second point to visit is in a Winter Center where an interesting talk will be shared about the main curiosities of the place. In addition, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the best mountain coffee.

Continuing with our tour, we will begin to climb towards the Garibaldi Pass, following the winding path, completely surrounded by Lengas and Ñires forests.

Already at the Garibaldi Pass Viewpoint, we will take enough time to enjoy stunning panoramic views of Lake Escondido, Lake Fagnano and their surroundings.

On the way to Lake Fagnano, also called Khami in the native language, we will have the opportunity to see a variety of beaver dams and old sawmills.

Approaching the foot of the lake, we will make a stop at the “La Carmen” Estancia to be able to walk along the interpretive paths and take advantage of the moment to capture in photos the landscapes from the large docks that converge with the immense lake. We will also find cafeteria services, snacks and bathrooms for those who require it.

To conclude this tour, we will visit the area of ​​the winter centers for lunch, with the possibility of enjoying the typical Fuegian Lamb (menu not included), and finally return to the city of Ushuaia.

Technical information:

*Foreign people, please note that Mercado Pago rejects payments from foreigners. Send us a WhatsApp clarifying this so we can help in a personalized way.

Excursion operated by TOLKEYEN PATAGONIA TURISMO SA | Lic. EVyT.: File No. 11938 – Ushuaia – Tierra del Fuego

Terms and conditions .

  • The transfers
  • Guide
No incluye
  • Lunch. Suggestion: Fuegian lamb
  • Extras not determined in the program

Frequently asked questions about the excursion Tour of Escondido and Fagnano Lakes in Summer

The excursion begins at the accommodation where they will pick you up and then head towards National Route No. 3 towards the Fuegian lakes.

It is recommended to wear waterproof and non-slip footwear to explore the lakes. Also waterproof jacket and sun protection.

The Garibaldi Pass viewpoint crosses the Andes Mountains and offers a unique view of Lake Escondido and Lake Fagnano. It is a panoramic point 450 meters above sea level, which offers an unparalleled panorama of the End of the World.

During the excursion you can walk the interpretive trails and visit the nearby docks. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the landscape and take photographs.

We will make a stop at the “La Carmen” ranch where you can find cafeteria service, snacks and bathrooms.

Lake Fagnano has a surface area of ​​590 km², a characteristic that makes it one of the largest lakes in the world. Its waters are divided between two countries, Argentina and Chile, and it flows into the Strait of Magellan through the Azopardo River.

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