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Horseback riding in Ushuaia

Horseback riding circuits in Ushuaia from pre-established to personalized. Ushuaia Equestrian Center organizes horseback riding through Tierra del Fuego, a wonderful way to explore the natural beauty of this region of Southern Patagonia Argentina. Tours that offer beautiful landscapes of mountains, forests and lakes in full contact with nature.

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    Información técnica de la excursión en Ushuaia

    Horseback riding in Ushuaia, the End of the World, a different way of getting to know Tierra del Fuego.

    Ushuaia Equestrian Center, a family business with more than 26 years of experience and commitment to providing the best service to those who want to get to know Ushuaia in a particular way.

    It is the only Equestrian Center in the city, which is responsible for bringing visitors and residents the pleasant experience of riding the End of the World. It offers unparalleled views from a different perspective. Traveling paths full of unforgettable natural landscapes.

    The experience of horseback riding in Ushuaia is a wonderful way to explore the natural beauty of this region of Southern Patagonia Argentina. Horseback riding offers a new way of getting to know this particular region of Tierra del Fuego, through beautiful landscapes of mountains, forests and lakes.

    At the beginning of the ride, the guides provide a brief instruction on how to ride and control the horses, and then assign a horse to each participant, which adapts to each level of experience.

    The ride always starts gently, and little by little they will enter the natural landscape of Ushuaia. Participants will find themselves riding along narrow trails that wind through lenga and ñires forests, crossing crystal-clear streams and skirting calm, picturesque lakes.

    The guides accompany the group at all times, leading the ride and pointing out points of interest along the way. You can expect to see a variety of wildlife, such as guanacos, foxes, and condors. You will also be able to appreciate impressive views of the mountains, such as the majestic Mount Olivia.

    As you progress, the ride can become more exciting, with gallops and trots through the Valley. However, the guides will ensure that everything is done in a safe and controlled manner. The return is also calm, to reflect in memory everything experienced during the tour.

    Ushuaia Equestrian Center also offers the experience of carrying out the Miter Peninsula Expedition. Offering then a wide variety of activities for visitors, horsemen and adventurers.

    Over the years, the Ushuaia Equestrian Center has allowed its visitors to fall in love with horses and experience one of the most authentic and exciting ways to explore the natural beauty of Ushuaia through landscapes and the freedom that comes from full contact with nature. .

    The horseback riding experience leaves unforgettable memories, it is a completely native activity of the Fuegian lands.

    From the Ushuaia Equestrian Center, they promote that all their visitors live an unparalleled experience and cultivate a great appreciation for the city of Ushuaia just as its owners and collaborators do. In addition to taking wonderful memories, they also share their values ​​for the preservation, respect and care of nature.

    With the Horseback Riding experiences in Ushuaia, you discover the true beauty of the southernmost territory of Argentina. Its visitors witness impressive landscapes as they cross winding paths through beech forests, tranquil lakes and valleys.

    Experience the thrill of exploring nature in its most authentic form while enjoying an unforgettable activity.

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