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Cerro Dos Banderas

The trek to Cerro Dos Banderas combines natural and cultural attractions. Get ready to see Ushuaia like you never imagined!


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    Trekking to Cerro Dos Banderas

    This trekking in Ushuaia whose main attraction is Cerro Dos Banderas will not cease to surprise you as it combines adventure in nature and a curious cultural contribution. You will be able to get to know Ushuaia like you had not imagined! Away from the center of Ushuaia, you can get to know one of the “mountain districts” that are located along the way. Hidden in the forest and the foothills, they are the unknown face of Ushuaia. Part of the tour offers a walk through these forgotten corners of the traditional trails and nourishes its visitors with the knowledge of another way of life and the social history of this community.

    From here, we continue the path towards Cerro Dos Banderas. After ascending through the Fuegian forest, you can perceive a particular high mountain vegetation due to its yareta cushions.

    Cerro Dos Banderas is one of the most impressive viewpoints in Ushuaia. From its summit, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and its bay, surrounded by the mountains of the Andes Mountains. In addition, from there you can appreciate the particular landscapes of peat bog valleys that extend throughout the region.

    Peatlands are unique and fragile ecosystems, formed by the accumulation of organic matter in a humid and waterlogged environment. The view from Cerro Dos Banderas allows you to appreciate the beauty of these valleys, covered with vegetation of intense and contrasting colors, such as yellow and red completely dyeing the Fuegian landscape.

    In addition, from there you can also see various lagoons and water courses, which reflect the changing tones of the sky and clouds. In short, the view from Cerro Dos Banderas is a unique experience that allows you to connect with the beauty and fragility of nature in Ushuaia. This Trekking is a true adventure in Ushuaia , not to be missed for those who enjoy admiring natural landscapes and connecting with the fauna and flora that reside there.

    Patagon – Southern Guides Mountain Specialists

    Itinerary: Cerro Dos Banderas

    What to bring to the Cerro dos Banderas trek?

    The activity could be suspended or modified for weather reasons or other factors that occur during the activity and any reason that the guide deems relevant in relation to the risk of the environment or the condition of a participant on the excursion. An online health form will be sent to be completed by the participant before taking the excursion. Not suitable for people who do not play a sport or do any physical activity on a regular basis.

    Excursion operated by Patagon – Guías del Sur Mountain Specialists

    • Guided
    • Transport
    • Personal insurance
    • Crampons
    • trekking pole
    • Helmet
    • Meal
    • hot drink
    No incluye
    • trekking footwear

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