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Haruwen Ushuaia Winter Center

The Haruwen Winter Center is located in the Vega del Café Valley, at the foot of National Route No. 3, just 36 kilometers from the city of Ushuaia. It offers snow activities during the winter and walks around the property during the summer. Among the activities to do in Ushuaia, this complex has a motorcycle museum and a gin distillery with unmissable native flavors. Haruwen is also the headquarters of the Ice Sculpture Festival, an event that brings together numerous local and national artists.


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    Activities to do in Ushuaia: Haruwen Museo Moto Café

    Haruwen is located at the foot of National Route No. 3, approximately 36 km north of the city of Ushuaia, in the Vega del Café Valley. It is also only 18 kilometers from Lago Escondido, so those land excursions that visit Lakes Escondido and Fagnano, as well as the Harberton Ranch, pass through this emblematic establishment.

    The Winter Center offers activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sleigh rides, snowmobiles, snow tubing, and numerous night excursions. In turn, the complex has bar-restaurant services and equipment rental. In the winter season, the Haruwen Winter Center hosts the Ice Sculpture Festival, an event that brings together numerous local and national artists.

    Haruwen is an ideal winter center for all those who enjoy snow activities and outdoor sports both during winter and summer with hiking and hiking proposals. For those looking to relax after a day of activities in the snow, Haruwen has a cozy retreat where you can enjoy delicious food and hot drinks, next to a fireplace and with stunning natural views.

    On the same property you can visit the Moto Café 3005 Museum and a distillery that offers its own production of gin in combination with local flavors. This Museum preserves the history of Argentine National Industry motorcycles, such as the legendary Puma, and also commemorates those pioneer travelers who united the south and north of the continent through motorcycle travel.

    The Moto Café 3005 Museum is personally attended by Alfred Tozzi, a great host and owner of the establishment, who is passionate about motorcycles and also an emblem of the hospitality so characteristic of the city of Ushuaia. It pays dedicated attention to its visitors, bringing them closer to all the historical heritage preserved in the museum.

    In turn, when visiting the Haruwen Winter Center and approaching the distillery, you can taste the different flavors of gin that are manufactured there in combination with native flavors.

    In the summer season, you can take free walks through the property, to discover its striking natural beauty characteristic of the time.

    The Haruwen Winter Center in Ushuaia is a perfect place for those seeking adventures in the snow and enjoying nature in a friendly and relaxed environment.


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