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Expedition to Sloggett Bay

Explore the Miter Peninsula, one of the most isolated places in the Argentine Republic, hundreds of thousands of hectares populated by less than ten inhabitants. On this expedition you will have the opportunity to walk through sublime geographies: forests, peat bogs and paradisiacal coasts. An unparalleled opportunity to discover the vestiges of history; abandoned ranch stalls; as well as the famous gold dredge used by gold prospectors in Sloggett Bay. A 7-day adventure into unexplored territory!

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    Información técnica de la excursión en Ushuaia

    Punto de salida
    7 days
    Trekking technical clothing

    7-day expedition: Walk the beaches of Sloggett Bay in Miter Peninsula

    A unique expedition that will allow you to get to know Sloggett Bay, a remote and little-traveled region of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego.

    This adventure is aimed at people who already have experience in trekking. Although the slopes are not long, the terrain is varied and very irregular. The path is made up of forests, sand, stones, grasslands, reed beds and peat bogs. Likewise, fording rivers and streams will be required. The walking distances are long and it is necessary to be prepared to spend time exposed to the elements. Participants carry their personal equipment, although there are porters who carry food and other equipment essential for life in the wild and survival.

    It is estimated that the load per person is between 10 and 12 kilos. We walk an average of 12 km per day (approximately 6 to 9 hours), but changes can be made due to adverse weather conditions or other circumstances.

    Itinerary: Expedition to Sloggett Bay

    1. Moat to Casa Vieja
    2. Old House to Post Ibarra
    3. Ibarra Post to Rancho Julián
    4. Sloggett Bay
    5. Sloggett Bay to Ibarra Post
    6. Ibarra Stand at the Table
    7. The Moat Table


    We depart from Ushuaia early in the morning. After three and a half hours of travel in our transfer, we began the expedition at the end of route J, at the Moat post of the Argentine Naval Prefecture. Along the way, paths converge that contemplate the sea coast, forests and grasslands, but always accompanied by the Beagle Channel, which we can notice makes its way towards the Atlantic. After approximately two hours, our walk continues fording the Chico River until we reach Casa Vieja where we will make our first camp.


    From Casa Vieja we will begin the ascent through the grasslands to a high altitude path; Later we will get a privileged view of Cape San Pío and its lighthouse. This is the point that represents the extreme south of the Argentine Republic. If the weather conditions favor us, we can get closer to the lighthouse. Later we descend to the beach to the Vacas River, which we must also ford. On the famous “matacaballos” descent, the terrain becomes muddy and somewhat slippery. However, it is a challenge for our balance that loses relevance compared to the panorama that is presented when looking towards the coast, through the recurring panoramic balconies. We camped near the Ibarra post, whose stall owner, the gaucho Luis Andrade, may be there to receive us.


    On the third day of the expedition, we again descend to the beach and, if necessary, go up to the forest when the tides are unfavorable. We walked along the side of Cerro Carpa and later rested at the El Orero ranch, formerly occupied by Ramón Orellana, who spent long years of his life searching for the precious metal. From that point we can see the Nashachata sailboat, motionless on the stones, which was shipwrecked in 2010. On Sloggett Bay beach, we spent time near the immense gold dredge next to the Lopez River, used in 1907.


    We will enjoy the day at leisure to rest and explore the surroundings of Sloggett Bay. During low tide hours we can visit the Nashachata shipwreck. The night of camping takes place near Rancho de la Playa.


    Starting with the return, we know that having already taken the same route on the way out, our eyes are more attentive to other details that we did not perceive before. We will enjoy a full day of trekking that will end with a camping trip near the Ibarra post.


    On the sixth day of the expedition we once again see the iconic San Pío lighthouse from above and once again pass through Casa Vieja. However, our refuge for the night is a place sheltered by a forest, known as La Mesita, very close to an archaeological site of the Yaganes, who were canoeists who inhabited the coasts from the Beagle Channel to Cape Horn.


    The seventh and last day of the expedition serves as a time for us to reflect on the trip and remember anecdotes. The nostalgia derived from the conclusion of the adventure is mixed with the happiness of having shared unique and intense moments, and of having experienced a true disconnection from the vicissitudes of daily life. It will not only be memories that inhabit us after this unforgettable experience, but also the great satisfaction of having gone through it and overcome it.

    Excursion operated by Patagon – Guías del Sur Mountain Specialists

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    • Round trip transfer to Moat (departure and arrival point)
    • One night in a hotel in Ushuaia prior to the start of the expedition
    • One night in a hotel in Ushuaia upon arrival of the expedition
    • Tent to use during the expedition
    • All meals of the expedition
    • Personal accident insurance
    • Accompaniment of certified guides and assistants
    • Equipment for cooking during the expedition
    • Rescue by helicopter or sailboat in case of accident
    • First aid kit

    No incluye
    • Sleeping bag
    • Insulating
    • personal equipment
    • Personal equipment porters (available at an extra cost)
    • Tips for guides/porters at the end of the trip
    • Extras not mentioned in the program

    Sloggett Bay Expedition FAQ

    Previous experience and average physical condition are needed to make this trip.

    Generally we take 2 guides per group

    It is not suspended due to bad weather since the weather is variable in Tierra del Fuego

    It can be rented from the companies we recommend

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